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Are you interested in buying/selling unlimited cars, trucks, suv's, boats, motorcycles, rv's, salvage become a Automotive Dealer EASY and SIMPLE within 29 DAYS only $13 per day  

We take care of all your documents including: Company name Federal/State tax # Unlimited license plates and Auction access card to enter Manheim Auction or Adesa Auction, Copart, Independent Auctions, Carmax and IAA Insurance Auto Auctions. No state tax on vehicle purchases. MAKE MONEY $$

1 page application is all we need to get you started 7 minute phone call. Call now 262-441-1216  24/7 Live 7 Day information line.

Have a Body Shop, Detail Shop, Mechanic Shop, Tire Shop, Muffler Shop, Custom Shop, Motorcycle Shop start buying/selling vehicles at Auctions or from Automotive Dealers...unlimited license plates, no state tax.. increase your business $PROFITS$ 

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Automotive Dealers License from WDL gives you the opportunity to buy/sell cars, trucks,suv's,boats,motorcycles,rv's, salvage like automotive dealers making $millions$ at auctions or directly from car dealers or the public.

You can become a wholesale car dealer in 29 days for $13 dollars per day. Yes, that’s the Wholesale Dealer License promise.

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